Fire Protection
Construction Administration


80,000 SF


City of Orlando

This project involved design of a new 1-story state-of-the-art Police Crime Scene Facility building for the Orlando Police Department. This project was performed with as a design/ build contract as a LEED Silver Facility. Included are Crime Scene Labs, Evidence Storage Areas, training areas, and offices. RTM was responsible for full mechanical, electrical and plumbing, fire protection engineering design associated with the project. Along with the design phase (complete in June 2015), RTM will assist in the construction administration phase for the respective disciplines.

The mechanical systems for this project included a new 160-ton chilled water plant along with a 2-Mil MBH boiler plant for reheat. Internal central station air handlers provide pre-treated air to each area through various VAV boxes with hot water heating. Each area’s AHU uses dual plenum fan air handlers for redundancy. A central dedicated outside air unit provide preconditioned outside air to all air handlers. The crime scene lab was designed as

a class 100K clean room space with air valve to precisely control air pressure within each lab. Hepa filtration fan packs provide constant air cleansing for the labs. All narcotics evidence storage and crime scene labs utilize high air change rates and exhaust. The electrical systems for the project include a central generator for back-up of power to all crime scene labs, evidence vaults, and forensics freezers. Also, outlets throughout the facility were designed on UPS/ Generator back-up for constant power through an outage. A central lighting UPS was used to ensure path of egress can be maintained for a minimum of 90 minutes through a major power outage.

During design phase it was determined that the design/build contractor’s estimated construction budget for the overall project may be higher than planned. RTM worked with the team to closely review and provide value engineer options to bring the project within budget.