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Challenges confronting industry and society today demand solutions that go beyond engineering. Listen to this award-winning program as RTM team members, and their clients and partners share stories about innovative design, collaborative development and exacting execution that help buildings, businesses, and people working inside them, work better.

Beyond Engineering: How RTM Develops and Supports Confident Female Engineers

According to the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), women make up as little as 10% of some engineering disciplines. In this episode, we feature a number of women who have worked at and with RTM in roles at all levels of the organization. The secret to their confidence? Our CORE values.

RTM Reflections: Exploring Our Collaborative Professional Partnerships

As another year of RTM’s Beyond Engineering rolls to a close, we’re reflecting on the professional services partnerships that help RTM engineers make both local and global impacts. In this special miniseries, we’ve compiled features with our partners Legat Architects and Ware Malcomb, delving into the shared values that underpin our successful collaborations that help buildings, businesses and the people working inside them, work better.

RTM Reflections: How We Recruit at Career Fairs

As RTM’s Beyond Engineering closes another year’s run of episodes, this special miniseries reviews advice we shared with students preparing to attend college or university career fairs. Who from RTM could you meet there? What’s the best way to get to know our firm’s culture? Maybe even land an RTM internship? Current and past interns talk about preparing for a fair, investigating cultural fit, building a professional network and learning to excel as engineers throughout their careers.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do RTM Mentors Help Interns Become Better Learners?

Learning-like teaching-is a skill. In this episode RTM Intern, Hope Huenecke returns to the podcast to sit down with her mentor, Project Engineer, Alex Babusci, and discuss how their collaborative communication has made them both better learners and better teachers.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does Mentorship Help RTM Engineers – and RTM – Grow?

If civil engineers lay the groundwork for a building, what lays the groundwork for a growing company? In this episode, Civil Engineer Luke Keller sits down with his mentee McKenna Mintz to discuss how RTM’s CORE values help both mentors and mentees grow into excellent engineers.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Does the Future Look Like for RTM Interns?

Without a time machine, it’s impossible to predict any one engineer’s career path, but we may be able to preview RTM Intern’s futures by looking to the past. In this episode, RTM Principal Tim Hedrick sits down with former Intern – and current Project Engineer – Ryan Krohne to discuss what influenced Ryan’s decision to pursue electrical engineering, why he chose to pursue it at RTM, and how career-fair candidates can set themselves up for similar success.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Can RTM Engineers Learn from Design Partnerships?

The best partner is one who is dedicated to learning alongside you. In this episode, Kate Lyle, Director of Industrial Cold & Food at design services firm Ware Malcomb, chats with RTM Principal, Mike Best about the hidden intricacies of industrial cold storage, and the ways RTM & Ware Malcomb support each other in continual learning.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does RTM Help Interns Grow Their Networks?

“Grow your network” is standard advice to university students, but what exactly does that mean? In this episode, Tim Hedrick sits down with two RTM interns to discuss the way their networks have contributed to their career journeys. Hope Huenecke and Madison Huschak share the ways they each discovered RTM, how their mentors, friends, and professional organizations have helped them develop, and what they hope to learn during their time at RTM.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do You Know if RTM is the Right Fit For You?

It’s just as important that a company be a great fit for the candidate as that the candidate be a great fit for the company. In this episode, Karissa Shaner and Tim Hedrick examine how student job-seekers can prepare for career fairs and evaluate potential employers by charting Karissa’s experience on both sides of the recruiting table.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Makes an Ideal Candidate for RTM?

Does a career fair have to be a nerve-wracking experience? RTM’s recruiting team thinks not. In this episode, Karissa Shaner and Tim Hedrick discuss what a “rockstar” candidate looks like to RTM, share some tips on prepping for the fair, and most importantly assure listeners that they were just as nervous on the other side of the table.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does RTM Cultivate a Culture of Mentorship?

When, exactly, does someone become qualified to be a mentor? In this episode, Cory Kucey sits down with his mentee Connor Brennan to discuss their parallel experiences discovering RTM, and the ways the culture of mentorship has supported their career growth, including their experiences developing as mentees and aspiring mentors.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do RTM and Legat Architects Take on Environmental Responsibility?

What’s the connection between the learning environment and the global environment? In this episode, RTM Principal and series regular Kathryn Duytschaever continues her conversation with Robin Randall, Director of Learning at Legat Architects, discussing the difference between sustainability and environmental responsibility.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do RTM Engineers and Ware Malcomb Bring National Resources to Local Relationships?

Most of us don’t think about the design & engineering required to bring our food safely from farm to table across the US, but in this episode, Melinda Thurston, Business Development Executive at RTM Engineering Consultants, sits down with Kate Lyle, Director of Industrial Cold & Food at Ware Malcomb to discuss the ways RTM & Ware Malcomb’s mirrored values allow the two to form a national partnership with a local focus.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do RTM Engineers and Legat Architects Design A+ Learning Environments?

A good education starts before the first bell rings, with the thoughtful design of the school itself. In this episode, Kathryn Duytschaever, Principal at RTM Engineering Consultants, and Robin Randall, Director of Learning at Legat Architects, dig into Robin’s area of expertise: building schools that are safe, comfortable, and support all kinds of learners.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does RTM Build Meaningful Partnerships?

In this episode, Principal Kathryn Duytschaever connects with Robin Randall, Director of Learning at Legat Architects and long-time design partner to RTM, to discuss the way their respect and communication have set the foundation for lasting collaboration.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Are RTM & B.E.S.T. Labs Raising the Bar for Technical Training?

Building a training environment requires a vision for the future of both the technology students will encounter, and the training they will receive there. In this episode, Principal David Piluski continues his conversation with Jose Vital, Program Coordinator for Harper College’s HVAC/R Program, to discuss how their collaboration on the B.E.S.T. Labs is impacting communities both locally and globally.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Is RTM Designing the Future of Learning?

When engineers build systems, they count on technicians to maintain them. In this episode, RTM Principal David Piluski sits down with Jose Vital, Program Coordinator for Harper College’s HVAC/R program, to discuss how their collaboration resulted in an innovative learning environment for both technicians and engineers.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does Mentorship at RTM Shape the Workplace, and the World Around Us?

In today’s episode, we continue the conversation between civil engineering Principal Matt Whisler, and his mentee, Luke Keller. They discuss the ways their daily collaborations set them up for success on projects around the country and create a culture of responsibility and support within their team at RTM Engineering Consultants.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do Engineers Across Career Phases Discover Opportunity at RTM?

RTM Engineering Consultants has opportunities for engineers across many fields, and at all stages of their careers. In today’s episode, two civil engineers at RTM—Matt Whisler and his mentee Luke Keller—compare notes on how they discovered RTM, when they realized it was a good fit for their own career goals, and how their expertise helps to literally build a better world for everyone.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Does RTM Build Culture Through Recruitment?

In this episode, Principal Tim Hedrick speaks with HR intern Elissa Natale about the ways he identifies collaborative communicators at career fairs and builds overall unity at RTM by recruiting excellent engineers with learning mindsets.

BEYOND ENGINEERING SPECIAL MINI SERIES: One Year of Beyond Engineering – Celebrating Values

As we approach one year of publishing Beyond Engineering, this miniseries compiles reflections on the CORE values that underpin RTM’s strong culture: how they came to be, how they manifest day to day, and how they put the team in a position to succeed.

BEYOND ENGINEERING SPECIAL MINI SERIES: One Year of Beyond Engineering – Celebrating Journeys

As we near our one-year publication anniversary, we’re revisiting several episodes from our first year of podcasting that tell the stories of engineers at all phases of their careers, and showcase the ways they’re succeeding within RTM. A close network of mentorships, long held relationships, and support from organizational leadership runs through all of these stories and enables RTM’s engineers to pursue and achieve excellence. Most importantly, it allows each of them to chart a unique path that makes the most of their individual histories, passions, and strengths.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: One Principals Path: Curating Culture Through Consequential Conversation

Tim Hedrick, Principal at RTM’s Schaumburg office, may be a familiar name to returning listeners. In this episode, HR Intern Elissa Natale sits down with Tim to discuss his journey with RTM: From the career crossroads that led him to join, to determining company culture still in place today.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Does RTM Look For at University Career Fairs?

In this episode, RTM HR intern Elissa Natale tells host Celine Dirkes why she pinpointed RTM Engineering Consultants as the place for her, why she’s chosen to stay, and how she identifies the soft skills that make college engineers great fits for RTM.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Does Integrity Look Like at RTM?

In this episode, guests Kathryn Duytschaever and Courtney Leaf discuss the values at the heart of RTM’s successful culture of collaboration, and how the values and connection and integrity put everyone – team members, leaders, architects, and clients – in a position to succeed

BEYOND ENGINEERING: Charting a Path Within RTM, From Intern to Project Engineer

The path to career success isn’t always clear to a college-aged engineer. In this episode of Beyond Engineering, returning guest Kathryn Duytschaever chats with her mentee, Courtney Leaf, about Courtney’s career journey within RTM: the challenges she faced, the support she received, and how she’s applying those lessons as a leader herself.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: One Principal’s Path: From Tinkering Teen to Business Leader

Which is the best path to a long, fulfilling career as an engineering technologist? Trick question. Because RTM’s culture of connection and support empowers and enables team members to choose their own destinations, set their own pace and blaze their own trails to success. Listen as Jim Wicker shares his journey from tinkering teen to business leader with long-time colleague and fellow RTM Principal David Piluski.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: What Does Living by The CORE Values Look Like at RTM?

Many organizations have a set of shared values that guide their mission and business practices, but what does it look when a company lives those values every day, from hiring on? In this episode, Jessica Iversen and Cory Kucey continue their conversation, digging into how their mentoring relationship highlights RTM’s CORE values in their everyday lives.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How do RTM’s Engineering Technologists Provide a Culture of Connection and Support?

How do engineering technologists mentor new team members as they launch their careers? In today’s episode, listen in on a conversation between RTM Principal Jessica Iversen and her mentee, Cory Kucey, about ways their team—and whole organization, from new hires to long-standing leaders —cultivates a culture of connection and support.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: Why Do Engineering Technologists Thrive At RTM?

Why do engineering technologists thrive at RTM Engineering Consultants? In this episode, David Piluski sits down with his fellow Principal, Kathryn Duytschaever, to discuss how her journey with RTM began, how her career has grown and how she promotes the organization’s CORE values in her current leadership position.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Do Engineering Technologists Work?

How do teams at RTM Engineering Consultants approach day-to-day work? Listen as David Piluski, mechanical engineer and principal at RTM, describes how the firm guides collaboration, integration and design by posing five critical questions as each project begins.

BEYOND ENGINEERING: Who Is an Engineering Technologist?

Who is an engineering technologist? David Piluski, a mechanical engineer and principal at RTM Engineering Consultants, can answer that question because he is one. Listen as Dave shares his journey from technician to technologistintegrating digital design, communication and project management tools into his work.