Challenges confronting industry and society today demand solutions that go beyond engineering. Listen as RTM technologists share stories about innovative design, collaborative development and exacting execution that help buildings, businesses, and people working inside them, work better.

BEYOND ENGINEERING EPISODE 3: Why do engineering technologists thrive at RTM?

Why do engineering technologists thrive at RTM Engineering Consultants? In this episode, David Piluski sits down with his fellow Principal, Kathryn Duytschaever, to discuss how her journey with RTM began, how her career has grown and how she promotes the organization’s CORE values in her current leadership position.

BEYOND ENGINEERING EPISODE 2: How do engineering technologists work?

How do teams at RTM Engineering Consultants approach day-to-day work? Listen as David Piluski, mechanical engineer and principal at RTM, describes how the firm guides collaboration, integration and design by posing five critical questions as each project begins.

BEYOND ENGINEERING EPISODE 1: Who is an engineering technologist?

Who is an engineering technologist? David Piluski, a mechanical engineer and principal at RTM Engineering Consultants, can answer that question because he is one. Listen as Dave shares his journey from technician to technologistintegrating digital design, communication and project management tools into his work.