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Schenkel Shultz


Greater Orlando Aviation Authority


This project involved a major remodel and expansion of the ticket level at the existing airport landside building. Along with the ticket level expansion, most of the older air handlers throughout the landside building were designed for replacement and upgrades to meet current code. For this project, RTM was tasked with complete mechanical and plumbing engineering services from design phase through construction.

RTM performed a detailed site analysis of each mechanical room, above ceiling conditions and other areas in order to provide a complete mechanical systems design. The main air handler room, serving several areas of the landside building including the Hyatt lobby, ticket lobbies, airline ticket offices, checkpoints and baggage claim areas, required a very complex design incorporating phasing of temporary air handlers and revised floor cuts.

A new dedicated outside air unit was designed to pretreat outside air resulting in much better humidity control of all areas. Older smoke evacuation systems were redesigned to meet code. RTM developed a design of a forced air recirculation unit to serve as a wind block at the entrances, reducing air infiltration/ humidity within the ticket levels.

The chilled water system throughout the entire complex was analyzed for “pinch points” and piping was upgraded to make sure all air handlers receive the chilled water required.

Bi-polar ionization units were used to cleanse the air streams and reduce airborne pathogens from travelers in the airport, while meeting code required ventilation rates. These units also allowed the OIA air rates to be matched with original design rather than the current, much higher code-required ventilation rates. This saved upgrades to the chiller plant which could have costed millions of dollars.