Greater Orlando Aviation Authority


RTM provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design for modifications to Orlando International Airport’s International Arriving Passenger Processing area. The project involved 8,500 square feet of space including a new exterior expansion and interior modifications for a passenger processing queue.

RTM was responsible for reviewing design documents from the Engineer of Record and also reviewing MEP submittals for the project. Additionally, RTM performed final site visits to verify the construction was in accordance with the original design criteria documents.

During the design criteria phase, RTM worked closely with the architect to determine options available for routing ductwork, conduits and new chilled water piping. Since part of the project was to be infilled underneath the moving passenger tram, the project had to be constructed while the tram was in operation. Careful planning with the utilities and service was required in order to ensure the building remained operational during construction.

Two air handling systems were installed per RTM’s original design criteria documents. New chilled and hot water piping was connected to the tertiary loop pumps and routed above ground to the new air handling rooms. New ducting and diffusers were connected to provide constant air distribution to the entire space.