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1.3M SF


Carrow Real Estate Services


Originally a manufacturing plant, the campus consisted of three buildings totaling over 1.3 million square feet. The three buildings were once served by a central heating/cooling plant. This plant and the equipment dated back to 1950. RTM was tasked with replacing the equipment in the plant with new equipment/systems to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort. RTM designed electric heat and controls conversions to make this possible.

After the plant replacement, the building was sold to its current owner. Because of the familiarity with the property, and recognition as a solutions provider, RTM has continued to provide engineering services at the campus on an ongoing basis.

RTM has completed a considerable number of
tenant space build-outs, studies and retrofits at the campus including:

High Pressure Steam Coil Replacement
• Temperature Control Replacement
• Outside Air Damper Replacement
• EMON Tenant Electric Meter Design
• Chiller Installation
• CapGemini Tenant Space
• Blue Bird Tenant Space
• USCIS-INS Tenant Space

Miscellaneous items addressed by RTM include:

• North Building Pressurization Issues
• LEED® Certification Study
• Energy Star Calculations
• After Hours Energy Usages
• FabTech Airflow
• Strict Humidification and Temperature Controls