Civil Engineering


NRB Land Development Group, LLC


1,400+ Acres


RTM is providing civil engineering services for the construction of a master planned community between Wonder Lake and McHenry, north of Route 120 and south of McCullom Lake Road. Once complete, the development will feature more than 3,700 dwelling units including single family and multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, schools, and parks. In addition, RTM is providing offsite roadway improvements to the state highway and other surrounding roads and intersections.

RTM’s civil engineers were able to step outside the box and creatively design nature paths, walkways and large passive park recreation areas. The passive features were incorporated and blended into the on-site wetlands and wet detention basins. Extra care was taken to design the wet detention with a focus on creating natural-looking basins, by incorporating stone and native vegetation buffers. RTM also took advantage of the natural topography to create several waterfalls throughout the site’s stormwater management system.