Fire Protection


Hoefer Wysocki


35,700 SF

RTM is working with client Hoefer Wysocki to design the Microtel by Wyndham ‘Moda’ prototype, the economy hotel brand of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. The new Moda model has a redesigned interior and exterior concept with modern elements and efficiencies to maximize guest experiences. This leaner and more modular design was inspired by conversations with owners and operators across the industry.

The new design includes a four-story exterior facade and features a new, flat-roof design, elevating Microtel’s visibility. Modern and modular are two key words when describing this new prototype. Mircrotels have traditionally been marketed towards highly efficient compact hotel rooms. The new prototype takes this methodology and improves upon it with enhanced technology such as LED lighting, instantaneous hot water heaters, low-consumption plumbing fixtures, and economizers to create a more efficient building.