PVG Architects


Due to continued operational and maintenance issues with the existing package central plant at the El Mirador Medical Plaza, specifically the cooling portion of the plant, RTM was contracted to provide a two- phase solution to provide reliable cooling for the critical Surgery and Endoscopy suites of the building on level 1.

The first phase provided a short term solution by installing a new fluid cooler to replace one of the two failed fluid coolers in the existing packaged plant. It is located on the low roof directly adjacent to the existing packaged plant.

The second phase provides a long term solution by replacing the entire chilled water portion of the existing plant as well as the phase 1 fluid cooler described above.

This new chilled water plant will also be a packaged plant consisting of a new high efficiency mag-lev chiller with dual compressors, chilled water and condenser water pumps, controls and base and housing. Additional chilled water capacity is provided to allow for any future growth of these critical spaces which it serves.

To ensure against unexpected failure, the entire system is specified with robust industrial quality components and a balanced approach to redundancy taking the budget into consideration: two pumps for each system (2N), a single chiller but with 2 compressors (N/2), and the cooling towers have 2 cells (N/2). By using a packaged plant, the entire unit is factory built under strict quality controls by a single reputable manufacturer, greatly reducing the skill required by the installing contractor, avoiding construction related RFI’s, shortening the installation time, and reducing costs overall.