Fire Protection


233,000 SF


Legat Architects


RTM provided engineering and design of the mechanical systems for the full replacement and upgrade of the HVAC system at Bettendorf High School. The existing HVAC system, designed 47 years prior, included seven mechanical rooms all housing original boilers and air handling equipment. Additionally, several areas of the 233,000-square-foot facility were only heated and not air conditioned or performing to modern efficiency standards.

Together, the design team of RTM, Legat Architects and Russell determined the best system design based on performance, energy efficiency and overall life cycle cost studies. In addition, a joint commissioning effort was performed by RTM and Russell after work began to ensure all code requirements were met and the system would function to its optimal efficiency.

In order to complete this project by the start of the 2018-2019 school year, work began a few weeks prior to students starting summer break in late May 2018.

This required a detailed sequencing schedule in collaboration with the school district to identify and complete work in areas that would not affect school operations. Once complete, this project included the replacement or installation of 17 air handling units, 196 VAV boxes, 176 fire smoke dampers, new control system, new domestic water heaters, 30 circulation pumps, 200 new LED light fixtures, and new ductwork in all seven mechanical rooms.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was due to the age of the facility and systems. The original as-built drawings did not accurately reflect the systems that were installed in the high school. The team utilized early surveying of the existing equipment and conditions to confirm the items that were changed over the past years were accurately shown and ordered correctly. This saved design time and enhanced early planning for work sequencing. A successful collaborative approach lead to all work being completed on or ahead of schedule and within budget for the Bettendorf Community School District.