Business Unit Leader | Principal


Tim Larson has 33 years of industry experience in designing electrical systems and highly technical power projects. As a Business Unit Leader, he oversees multiple offices with a strategic-thinking and open-minded approach. Favoring interpersonal, one-on-one communication, Tim views his leadership style as more of coaching role, and prides himself on being a coach of the greatest team there is. One of his strongest passions involves innovation and technology within the built world, and he loves having the opportunity to help his team incorporate these into challenging projects. As a former member of the US Army, Tim has brought many of the qualities instilled in him during this time, like self-motivation, discipline, and dedication, to his role as an office leader, professional engineer, and partner to our clients.

While not in the office coaching his team through technical projects, Tim enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, traveling, real estate, crypto-currency, and keeping active by playing tennis and golf.