36,000 SF


Eppstein Uhen Architects


RTM provided electrical engineering for the addition of 36,000 square feet for an emergency department, ambulance garage, helipad, birthing center and the renovation of a cafeteria, kitchen, and rehabilitation area. The project scope consisted of the reconfiguration of the entire electrical distribution system to include a new 25 kV primary looped selective secondary system, low voltage main-tie-main redundant service, two 1000 kW standby diesel generators synchronized to a common bus, and all new automatic transfer switches.

The team faced many challenges, including combining two different electrical services into a redundant main-tie-main arrangement, re-configuring the entire emergency power distribution system and meeting the owner’s request to provide enough emergency power to back up the entire facility. To overcome the complexities of integrating old and new systems, upgrading the emergency power system without compromising patient safety or satisfaction all while staying within the constraints of the budget, the team worked closely with facilities and the electrical contractor during the design process. Every aspect of the design and its impact on the facility was examined and the budget was verified at multiple stages to ensure compliance.