Fire Protection


400,000 SF


Matt King Architect


RTM provided MEP/FP engineering design services for the tenant improvements to the 400,000-square-foot manufacturing plant for Packaging Corporation of America in Plano, TX, including a 100,000-square-foot addition to the existing facility.

The machines used within the plant to produce corrugated cardboard products, produce large quantities of steam that can severely effect the amount of condensation within the building and even disrupt operations if not addressed properly. Because of RTM’s expertise with manufacturing plants of this type, the engineering team was able to anticipate and design for this by providing air changes at a rate of 5, meaning the volume of air in the manufacturing area is changed out with the exterior air 5 times per hour.

RTM provided engineering design services for several other systems within the facility including the motor control center, cyclone system for collecting corrugated scraps throughout the facility, 100-HP air compressors, process water systems and 100% outside air units. Additionally, because all outdoor air required filtration for food grade products, a filtration system was provided per AIB/GFSI recommendations.