Rendering courtesy of Rhodes + Brito Architects




8,000 SF


Rhodes + Brito Architects


This project involved a renovation to an approximately 8,000-square-foot space to accommodate a new waiting lounge for customers. The project involved design of a major renovation within an operational convention center. Some of the key aspects of construction in a convention center involves working around a busy show schedule where no work can be performed during operational hours in public areas. Finishes are very important along with showing proper routing of conduits and piping which do not affect aesthetics.

For this project, RTM was tasked with completing MEP engineering services from design phase through construction while working with Rhodes + Brito Architects to design the new show space, which required “flexibility” for different show groups to modify the space easily without disruption to the infrastructure.

HVAC design included connection of new VAV boxes to the existing ducting. Old plumbing was required to be removed, and new sanitary and domestic water systems were designed to accommodate a new bar and kitchenette area. Electrical power systems had to be designed for high flexibility. New show power points of connection were made and powered from the existing building panels. Existing panels were designed to be relocated to accommodate a new conference center. Lighting systems were designed to allow several scenes to be set by utilizing a controls system that would have addressable lighting fixtures.