283 Guestrooms

RTM provided MEP engineering design services for this ten-story, 283-guestroom/suite hotel featuring a full height atrium, outdoor pool, and spa. The atrium is provided with a smoke control system designed using the aid of computerized smoke modeling software. This computerized smoke modeling allows the air flows to be accurately designed to match actual fire conditions.

Both the hotel and the conference center are provided with water-cooled, chiller plants supplying hi-rise, fan coil units in the guest suites and variable air volume systems on the first floors. All fans and pumps are provided with variable speed drives to offer premium energy efficiencies. Separate 480 volt, electrical services supply the hotel and conference center with separate generators to supply power to the life safety systems. Although each building can function independently, the fire alarm, DDC HVAC controls, and information data systems are networked to be monitored from a single location.