500,000 SF
48 Acres


Environmental Mechanical Contractors


RTM provided the MEP engineering design services for the 500,000-square-foot warehouse and regional distribution center for Case New Holland Industrial, a global leader in capital goods including agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, specialty vehicles, and a broad portfolio of powertrain applications.

Phase I of the design/build project consisted of 500,000 square feet of warehouse space which was cooled in its entirety. The HVAC system included constant volume RTU’s in the office areas with “change over bypass zone control” systems. Constant volume RTU’s were also used in the warehouse space with DX cooling. All units were tied together via DDC panel for scheduling and energy conservation purposes. Dock areas included both low and high-intensity infrared heaters. Installation of high-capacity, low RPM ceiling fans were used to limit the quantity and upfront cost of installing RTU discharge ductwork in the warehouse, and to more effectively distribute air in both the heating and cooling seasons.

Phase II of this project consisted of finishing out the spaces not included within the base construction project including office space, cafeteria, electric room and guard shack.