This month marks a tremendous milestone in RTM’s history, we are celebrating our 40th year in business. Starting out in 1981 as a 3-person firm offering mechanical engineering services to local clients in the Midwest, RTM has grown into a national 200-person firm with licenses in all 50 states, and offering a wide range of services from MEP and civil to commissioning and other specialty services like arc flash and refrigeration. We have built our reputation upon our commitment to becoming a partner to our clients, and pride ourselves on keeping those local relationships strong for years to come.

To help celebrate, we are looking back at some of the memories that have been made over the past 40 years, and look forward to more memories to come!


Cory Kucey 1

“In the summer of 2019, a group of us in the Schaumburg office decided that we wanted to compete in the local recreational slow-pitch softball league. Let’s just say that sports are not normally my thing, especially ones that involve throwing or catching. Since I was new to the RTM team and wanted to get to know everyone, I decided to join, giving everyone the heads up that I had zero skill.

Ryan Krohne, another electrical engineer, knew how bad I was and offered to go out during our lunch break and show me how to use a baseball glove. One of the things he failed to tell me (probably because it is common sense) was that you should not hold the glove parallel to ground and right in front of your face. The glove ended up acting as a ramp for the ball to fly right into my face, and my teeth cut into the back of my lip.

Unfortunately, it seems that my bad luck also transferred to the team. Our team lost every game that season, but where we lacked in wins, we made up for in post-game laughs and drinks!

An awesome memory, and worth the hole in my lip.”

Cory Kucey | Electrical Project Engineer

Cory Kucey 2
Cory Kucey 3

Who doesn’t love a good old office chili cook-off?
Today we’re sharing our favorite memories of some of our favorite chili recipes over the years.

“I started as an intern at RTM back when the company was still only 8 people and operating out of a small Schaumburg office where everyone knows your lunch from what you’re heating in the microwave. One time, I was microwaving a beef soup (before I realized Ramesh was a vegetarian) and he came bursting out of his office and exclaimed “What is that smell?!” then shut the door behind him. Needless to say, I haven’t had beef soup in the office for 18 years now despite the fact that we are at an office 4 times the size with 4 times the employees.

It’s an honor to be part of RTM’s transformation and growth throughout the years. To experience first hand the company’s endurance through many economic and business turmoils, is a testament to RTM’s effectiveness in adapting to changing times while preserving its core values and culture, propensity to nurture professional growth and camaraderie, and providing a healthy working environment. I for one look forward to when RTM reaches its ultimate goal. It’s certainly worth sacrificing the beef soup.”

Sal Lingan | Senior Mechanical Engineer

In 2017 RTM attended the AIA Conference on Architecture being held in Orlando, FL. As an exhibitor, we had a 10′ by 10′ showroom space to set up however we wanted. Our team built an outdoor patio right there on the showroom floor, with fake grass carpeting and all! We held a Mario Kart competition throughout the conference, where attendees could stop by for a snack and record their best time. We think it was a huge hit!

Five years ago we celebrated our 35th anniversary by renting out a space in downtown Chicago, along the Riverwalk. We loved being able to celebrate with clients, co-workers, and friends in person!

We love seeing team members at RTM share their knowledge with younger generations! Check out some great memories we pulled from introducing a young cub scout group to engineering, volunteering with a high school STEM program, and job shadowing for a group of up and coming engineers.

Giving back to our local communities is important to the team at RTM. Over the years we have volunteered time at food pantries and kitchens, participated in fundraisers and food drives, “adopted a family” for the holidays, volunteered with the Special Olympics, and more.
Today we’re looking back on how we’ve given back.

“My favorite office prank was when Amanda went on vacation, I booby-trapped her desk snack drawer with a wireless door contact alarm. When she went for a snack, the whole office, and especially Amanda, jumped when the alarm went off. She did it at least two more times with the same result because she couldn’t understand what was happening. Of course, somebody left a basket full of 3-hole punch chads from the big printer all over my desk and chair when I returned from my next vacation.”

Aaron Burch | Senior Project Manager

Our Chicago office, which officially opened its doors back in 2011 started an annual tradition of holding a beach volleyball outing at North Avenue Beach. After a few hours of competitive spirit, the team heads over to Castaways to enjoy a few drinks and some appetizers.
Here are some fun shots of the team during a 2015 outing.

Sharing some fun holiday cheer across the offices over the years. We’ve done it all from ugly sweater contests, cubicle decorating, Thanksgiving potlucks, Halloween parties and pumpkin carving, gingerbread house making, and more!

Kathryn 1

“In 2010 coming out of the recession, Tony and Doug had been trying to get in with a local property manager in Schaumburg. We got our first chance and they scheduled Sheetal and I to meet with the property manager, as he wanted to meet the engineers who would be working on the projects. Tony prepped us both that this man would be extremely difficult, but a great opportunity for RTM. When we arrived to the meeting, the man said, “Wow female engineers! Maybe someone will finally listen to my team, and we can get things done right!” That day started a 6-year relationship as the go-to engineer for that property group.”

Kathyrn Duytschaever | Principal

Looking back at a 2014 year end party we held, where we brought the casino to us. What a fun night!

Back in the day, when our Chicago office was

small enough that moving meant rolling your

office chairs down the street to the new office!

2014_Chicago Office Move

Showing off some of the fun times our Milwaukee office had back in 2014: holiday lunches, boat cruises, Summerfest, and getting a chance to meet some of the other RTM office members.

A fun team-building event where groups of four were given a pile of materials in which they had to build a floatation device. Then, one member of each team had to “sail” it out to the buoy and back.
…and then the real boats were brought out!

“I joined RTM back in 2004 when there were only 10 employees in the Schaumburg office. Throughout my 17 years at RTM, work has been challenging at times, but always exciting in the sense that I have been able to learn and develop new skills to problem solve various issues. I feel fortunate to work with a great team and supportive management. Outside of work, we have had the opportunity for multiple team bonding events such as dinner, boating, golfing, painting and cooking. I look forward to continuing my journey with RTM in the years to come.”

Trinh Tang | Project Engineer

“One of my favorite RTM memories happened on the first day I joined RTM, The day we had finished signing the paperwork joining Applied Engineering with RTM. That moment was memorable enough by itself, but then the South Barrington (now Schaumburg) office had a pizza party out in the parking lot to welcome us. It was nice to get to know everyone better and finding out what a great culture RTM has. At this welcoming party, I had a long conversation with Ramesh and got to know him much better as well. Ramesh reminded me of my grandfather, rest his soul, who was one of the kindest persons I’ve ever known. After that conversation, it solidified what a wonderful family the Mirchandani’s are and what a great decision I had made to join RTM.”

Scott DiGilio | Principal, Civil

Some memorable times from one of our first multi-office parties, where members took part in learning to cook various dishes together.

Check back for more memories to be shared over the next 40 days!

We would love to hear from you! Share a memory, story, or image of RTM with us to share with our team!


  • 1981

    RTM was founded by Ramesh Mirchandani in Schaumburg, Illinois.

  • 2011

    RTM expands by opening the first organic office in downtown Chicago. After several moves, the Chicago office finds a home downtown with plenty of space to continue to grow.

  • 2012

    NW Consulting Engineers joins RTM bringing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design expertise for commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings.

  • 2013

    Applied Engineering Services, Ltd. joins RTM, expanding our services to include civil engineering.

  • 2014

    RTM expands in Iowa by opening an office in Davenport. 

  • 2014

    Geiger+Larson Engineering and Engineering Concepts, Inc. joins RTM, further expanding our expertise and services to Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. 

  • 2015

    Milan Engineering joins RTM expanding our services to Orlando, Florida and gaining contemporary design techniques for projects including renovations and new construction for education, government and transportation.

  • 2016

     Lippe and Associates Consulting Engineers joins RTM bringing high-quality and responsive design services for clients in retail, industrial, commercial and healthcare in Dallas, Texas.

  • 2018

    RTM expands in Florida by opening an organic office in Tampa.

  • 2018

    Malone, Finkle, Eckhardt & Collins joins RTM, expanding our MEP design services for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, schools and hotels to Overland Park, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri.

  • 2018

    MRC Engineering in southern California joins RTM expanding our services to the west coast.

  • 2019

    asys, a mechanical engineering firm joins RTM adding expertise on new construction and remodeling of healthcare facilities classified as OSHPD 1, 3, and 4 in Orange County, California.

  • 2019

    Concord West joins RTM in adding expertise in refrigeration design in distilleries, breweries, bottling facilities and cold storage and distribution facilities in Denver, Colorado. 

  • 2019

    RTM expands to the northwest by opening an organic office in downtown Seattle.

  • 2019

    RCE Consultants joins RTM expanding our broadening our civil services and expanding our reach on the west coast.

  • 2020

    J+M Civil Design joins RTM, expanding our civil services in the Midwest.